Saturday, June 20, 2009

China blocks Google to prevent people from knowing the truth ... about Iran

From the FT:
Beijing has ordered Google to stop users of its Chinese-language service accessing overseas websites in the biggest blow to the world’s leading search engine in China since it started operating there four years ago.
Of course the story goes on to discuss how it will impact Google's growth in China. But there is more to the story.

Why would China do such a thing? Why now? To make sure people don't go onto Probably not. The answer is simple: the communist government is deathly afraid that the people in China will see Iran. They will see the masses (including many students) protesting, taking on an oppressive, tyrannical government.

Students? Hmmmm. Sounds familiar. Maybe it will remind the Chinese people of an event in the past. It was the massacre in Beijing's Tiananmen Square 天安門事件 (June 4, 1989). And maybe it will stir the will to once again take on the Communist regime.

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