Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The human face of recession

Let's take a sober look at some extreme impacts of this recession we are in - beyond the economic indicators. Welcome to shanty town USA. Yes USA. Hard to imagine. For those who haven't seen this, we are looking at the Sacramento, CA tent city.

Rumors are the place is getting 50 people a week (although we are hearing this is slowing down). The total population is estimated at 1,200 homeless people.

This is deplorable. Of course the mass media will have you believe the tent city started with the recession. The truth is the Sacramento tent city existed long before the recession, but it was a fraction of it's current size. Recently the media got into the act. The recession made homelessness visible again.

Another, more controlled version of a shanty town was set up for the homeless by the authorities in Ontario, California - only for Ontario residents. Here is a video on the topic - featuring some victims of subprime mortgages gone bad.

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