Sunday, November 27, 2011

Moody's lashes out against Sober Look

Attorneys for the rating agency Moody's apparently became quite unhappy when they saw a post from two years ago entitled "Learn structured finance from the best in the business".

Needless to say the post wasn't flattering to the firm because it pointed out the irony that Moody's was teaching structured credit after what they had "accomplished" with the sub-prime CDO ratings, ABCP, etc.  And charging over $4,000 for it in 2009.

The post contained a copy of Moody's old structured credit course brochure (available to the public on their website at the time). So they forced Sober Look (via Scribd) to remove the catalog for what they call a "copyright infringement".

A two year old publicly available course brochure?  Really? Congratulations Moody's.  You get the Sober Look Hype Award.
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