Thursday, January 23, 2014

The risk-on trade sends emerging markets currencies to new lows

Today's China-induced "risk-off" trade sent emerging markets currencies into a sharp decline. As discussed before Turkey and South Africa have been hit the hardest recently and today touched fresh all-time lows.

ZAR = South African rand, TRY = Turkish lira
(chart shows dollar appreciating against these currencies; source: 

But even some of the larger emerging markets nations saw their currencies decline to multi-year lows. Brazil and Russia in particular experienced a significant selloff.

BRL = Brazilian real, RUB = Russia ruble
(chart shows dollar appreciating against these currencies; source: 

The "risk-on" currency correction was not limited to emerging markets, as the Australian dollar touched levels not seen since 2009 (at some point hitting US$ 0.874 - vs. 1.05 last spring). It seems that some of the volatility seen in global markets during the Eurozone crisis has returned.
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