Monday, February 2, 2015

Administrative update on the Daily Shot

Dear friends,

As you may have noticed, we were forced to switch from our previous e-mail distribution service called Here is part of an e-mail we received recently: : - Today alone, your list consumed a full order of magnitude more bandwidth than the next most-used list. While we do everything we can to provide a service without limits, we can't support lists with such high traffic as it limits our ability to provide for others …
With the help from Sol Steinberg of OTC Partners we are now using MailChimp for the Daily Shot distribution. While this method is much more scalable and produces better formatting, some readers have told me they are no longer receiving the Daily Shot.

Because MailChimp is generally used for marketing campaigns, many e-mail systems will classify the Daily Shot as spam (and place it in the “Junk” folder). Also Gmail will place the Daily Shot in the “Promotions” folder (see instructions below).

If you are not receiving the Daily Shot and are unable to see it in any of the folders above, you can re-register here. You will be asked to confirm you registration. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you encounter any issues.

Instructions to resolve the Gmail "Promotions" folder issue:

1. Select the Promotions folder:

2. Open The Daily Shot email, select the tag button on the top, uncheck "Promotions", and click "Apply".

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